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The Team


Arun Santhebennur


Arun co-founded Resolvity with a vision to help businesses interact with their customers anytime & anywhere using speech recognition. Prior to Resolvity, Arun scaled a startup and worked at Deloitte Consulting. He has a B.S in materials engineering from IIT Bombay and MBA from IIM Calcutta.


Jacek Jarmulak

SVP, Product Development

Dr. Jacek Jarmulak has been with Resolvity since 2006. He has overseen the development of our Intelligent Speech Dialog Platform and was then involved in building our key hosted IVR solutions. His current focus is back on the Platform, utilizing latest advances in Neural Networks plus lessons learned from working with real-word IVR.  He has a PhD in Computer Science (AI) from TU Delft in the Netherlands.


Yungwei Chen

Director, Client Solutions

Yungwei is responsible for improving and delivering quality products and services on time and bug-free. He always thinks one step ahead of customers and keep them in mind. He enjoys spending time with his family.


Kevin Crosby

Senior Software Engineer

Kevin started his career on boring humdrum tasks involving the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, and the Hubble Space Telescope programs.  Fortunately, he left this behind to become a Senior Software Engineer at Resolvity working in Natural Language Processing.


James Hubbell

Senior Voice User Interface Designer

Jim has been a user interface designer for a number of years, and takes great satisfaction in making the user experience of a product as friendly and efficient as possible. When not working on user interfaces, Jim can be found hiking, camping and enjoying the great outdoors.


Apoorva Iyengar

Software Engineer

Apoorva is paid to work as a Software Engineer at Resolvity and is known for her modest veggie diet. She codes, writes, tests, corrects grammar and sometimes sticks the labels before our products leave the door. On other days, she likes chasing rainbows and make paper boats in the rain.


Chuck Mullins

Infrastructure Engineer / Self-appointed Mayor of Resolvitown

Armed with his ability to break and subsequently fix all the things; Mayor Mullins keeps the bustling settlement of Resolvitown safe and secure. Victoriously vanquishing vexing vile villains of the virtual venues and verifying the validity of vivid voice recognition vivaciously. Valiantly viewing various volumes of verbose… uh… logs. He’s er… a valuable asset. We think.


Chetana Nimmakayala

Software Engineer

Chetana has begun her professional career with Resolvity Inc. as a Software Engineer in IVR Solutions. She is passionate about coding and takes everyday as a challenge. Loves to explore new places. She aspires to be a yogi and a member of The Avengers.


Jonathan Tran

Software Engineer

Jonathan is a software engineer at Resolvity and a developer for their technologies platform. In his spare time he enjoys both eSports and traditional sports; as a fan of the professional level but only a participant at the amateur level.


Dajing Wu

Software Engineer

Dajing is a software engineer. He implements, maintains and modifies call flow logics in IVR to customer needs while ensuring best caller experiences. Dajing is an avid reader and loves traveling.


Kuo Zhang

Speech Recognition Scientist

As a data scientist, a big-data believer and a new-technology enthusiast, Kuo Zhang devotes himself to make the company’s artificial intelligence driven speech recognition platform and natural language understanding system smarter than smart.



Software Engineer

The only one full-stack developer in this company. Love JAVA and coding more than food and money. A beginner in CTF.



Speech Technology
Excellence Award

2013, 2011 & 2009


Product of the Year

2008 & 2007


Best of Avios/Speechtek


Software Engineer

Irving, Texas