Profit from On-Demand IVR

Achieve quick ROI with
Low Initial Costs and Rapid Deployment

The traditional On Premise model of deploying IVR applications has a few key drawbacks.:

  • They entail large capital expenditures, long implementation cycles, and significant maintenance expenses.
  • A significant portion of the capital expenditure for on premise IVRs is to support peak capacity; and these peaks are very seasonal by their nature. As a result, a lot of the infrastructure is inefficient and idle “shelf-ware”.
  • In the customer support business, call drivers change often. To keep the IVR relevant, companies need to update call flows often. Also, IVRs with Speech Recognition require constant tuning. Most companies with On-premise IVRs do not have the staff to support these on going updates. Request a copy the white paper: “Change Happens. Is your Speech IVR ready for it?”

Here is why an increasing roster of businesses, both big and small, are choosing Resolvity’s SaaS solution.

Quick ROI, Low Initial Costs

IVR Applications provided by Resolvity are offered on a pay-for-use basis with low initial set-up fees . This means no capital expenditure to deploy hardware or software and no hefty upfront professional services fees to develop the application. Clients do not need to invest in staff to manage and update the application. Resolvity bundles monitoring at its NOC and tuning by its speech experts into a usage based subscription price. ROI on most applications is achieved in just a few months.

Deploy new applications quickly

Do you need to improve your time to market for new Speech IVR Applications? Resolvity’s award winning Speech Application Server is the answer. Call flow updates to existing applications may be implemented in a matter of hours or days, depending on scope and complexity. New applications may be deployed in a matter of weeks. Resolvity delivers flexible, responsive IVR solutions that will delight end-users.

Scale as needed, pay only for what you use

With Resolvity’s On-Demand offering enterprises only pay for what they use. Resolvity and its partners operate large speech IVR resources that are pooled. When call volumes go up, the demand for additional IVR ports is met by utilizing this pooled capacity so that no call goes unanswered. Enterprises do not need to invest in idling “shelf-ware” to meet call volume spikes. Resolvity provides N+1 system redundancy for high availability and disaster recovery with geographic redundancy.

Evergreen upgrades

Benefit instantly from new features and fixes. We are continuously enhancing our IVR and Speech Application Servers to ensure optimal performance for your applications. New features and improvements to speech recognition engines, speech grammars, audio playback, and management reporting are added on an ongoing basis. Benefit from these enhancements immediately and with zero downtime; no costly upgrade fees or IT deployment cycles.

Click to request our whitepaper titled “Is it time your Speech IVR moved to the Cloud?”