Intelligent Voice Automation for a Multitude
of Markets

Resolvity has in-depth experience in building high quality speech recognition applications for a wide variety of industries on top of its AI driven platform.


Cable and Telecommunication

Increase Customer Satisfaction, Reduce Churn and Lower
your Support Costs

Natural Language Call Routing (NLCR)

Resolvity’s NLCR application for service providers is an intelligent personalized “front-door” application that allows callers to describe the reason for their call in their own words. Callers benefit from quicker and more accurate routing to over 100 valid targets or destinations (called “route points”). Our platform improves recognition accuracy by use of our unique data and knowledge models. For e.g., we use confidence-based confirmations and better re-prompting techniques to improve the experience.


Technical Support Automation

Resolvity’s technical support applications help subscribers troubleshoot common technical problems related to video, broadband internet, or telephone. Resolvity’s applications are very flexible; both novice and expert users can easily navigate the troubleshooting process.


Advanced Billing Automation

Resolvity provides PCI DSS compliant solutions that automate billing-related customer calls for service providers. In addition to automating traditional billing calls like balance inquiries and bill payments, we also provide automated outbound speech IVR solutions that help companies collect past due bills.

Voice Verification

Resolvity’s advanced voice verification solution involves authenticating callers by matching their “voice print” real time with a database of registered and approved “voice prints”. The solution enhances caller security while significantly decreasing the costs associated with routing the call to an agent for authentication.

Other Applications

Resolvity also helps service providers with other innovative applications. For example, our solutions automate the ordering of PPV events, help subscribers find the channel numbers for specific programs, and schedule service.


Financial Services

Enhance your Customer Relationships with Fast, Accurate and
Secure Voice Self Service Applications

Natural Language Call Routing (NLCR)

Resolvity’s call router application enables customers of financial services companies to express the reason for their call in their own language. Using our data-driven grammars and unique out-of-grammar modules for avoiding misrecognition, callers can experience higher completion rates and more fine-grained routing decisions.

Credit Card Applications

Resolvity’s credit card applications help automate common credit card transactions like balance transfer, payment, deactivating lost-stolen credit cards or administering the credit card account. The applications can also be used by credit card issuers to send notifications/alerts for activation, potential fraudulent transactions and payment reminders.


Applications for Stock Trading

Resolvity’s applications enable electronic brokerages to offer stock trading via the phone interface as a way to supplement their online channel. This allows active traders to place orders quicker over the phone channel compared to the web.

Mortgage Servicing Applications

Resolvity provides automated inbound and outbound speech IVR applications that help Mortgage Servicers improve their collections and lower their servicing costs.

Voice Verification

Resolvity’s voice verification application helps banks, credit card issuers and discount brokers introduce voice biometric technology as part of their multi-factor authentication strategy. The application significantly increases security and helps lower the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive account information while providing a high quality experience.


Resolvity’s applications are PCI Compliant. Resolvity does not retain or store any personal data of customers in its database servers.


High Tech

Jump-Start Intelligent Voice Automation for Hardware or Software from
Registration to Technical Support

Natural Language Call Routing (NLCR)

Resolvity’s natural language call routing application for high-tech companies leverages dynamic knowledge models for grammar generation. Our platform also uses machine learning to set customized thresholds for individual prompts.

Product Registration & Warranty Validation

Resolvity can help high-tech companies automate the process of registering a product or validating a warranty, saving time for both the customer and the agent, as well as lowering customer-care costs and improving customer experience.

Technical Support

Resolvity’s intelligent speech applications help callers troubleshoot some of the most common technical issues for their computers, printers, digital cameras and other electronic devices. Our unique technology enables end-users to engage in a flexible and dynamic conversation with the application so they can better communicate their issues.


RMA Setup and Tracking

Resolvity’s RMA Setup and Tracking Application can help callers set up their RMA shipment and track it on an ongoing basis.



Delight your Members, Respond to your Providers Promptly,
Enable your Brokers to Sell More

Natural Language Call Routing (NLCR)

Resolvity’s call router application routes patients and administrators to the appropriate destination based on how they describe their issue in their own words. Our platform includes flexible pre-built interaction modules, auto-tuning and n-best post-processing of recognizer results. This helps us deliver a better VUI and better recognition performance.



Resolvity’s benefits applications automate some of the most frequently asked questions that members and providers have about coverage and eligibility. For members, the applications provide information on deductibles and co-pays, etc. For providers, the applications can validate and confirm eligibility prior to office visit or a hospital procedure.


Resolvity can automate claims-tracking for both members and medical providers via a speech interface. We can also provide answers to more sophisticated questions regarding claims adjudication process.

Member Administration Applications

Resolvity’s Member Administration applications help members, brokers and group administrators manage and administer account information, such as adding dependent coverage or ending coverage for a member.

Voice Verification

Resolvity’s advanced voice verification solutions help health insurance companies authenticate members, providers, brokers and group administrators. The solution reduces the risk of unauthorized access to members’ personal health data while lowering live-agent costs associated with caller authentication.

Other Member Applications

Resolvity provides other applications for automating member contact, like Find a Doctor, Refill a Prescription, etc.




Get Insights Into The Who, Why, What and How Of Your Customer Contacts

Natural Language Call Routing (NLCR)

Resolvity’s NLCR applications allow customers of utility companies to describe problems in their own words and route them to the appropriate automated speech application or an agent. Our unique platform presents an NLCR module through which callers have the benefit of enhanced experience with minimized speech recognition errors.

Customer Care

Resolvity can automate the most common customer care scenarios including billing, outage notification, meter reading and setting up or cancelling service.

Advanced Billing

Resolvity can also automate calls that involve explaining the bill and providing answers to questions about changes to the bill. We also provide automated solutions that enable customers to negotiate a payment plan or make partial payments.

Moving Your Home

Resolvity has developed “ready-to-deploy” applications that enable Utilities to partially or fully automate address changes by the customer.

Targeted Outbound Collections

Resolvity provides automated outbound collections calls that can incorporate sophisticated logic for negotiating payment plans or partial payments, thereby improving the efficiency of the collection process.

Voice Verification

Resolvity’s voice verification solution helps Utilities enhance caller security while lowering the live-agent costs associated with caller authentication.


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