Enable deeper customer engagement with
Resolvity’s advanced speech platform

Resolvity’s speech platform is a comprehensive software suite that helps
enterprises deploy enterprise-scale speech recognition applications.


AI Driven Speech Application Server

Resolvity’s AI driven speech application platform delivers highly contextual,
intuitive and adaptive call flows.


Studio is a visual IDE with a drag-and-drop environment to help developers build, design and test entire call flows without having to code in VoiceXML. It also includes modules for speech scientists to develop grammars – whether they are rules-based or statistical. In addition, it allows for configuration of a knowledge/domain model to be used in the flow and/or grammars.

Resolvity’s AI driven runtime renders VoiceXML pages automatically from a combination of call flows and a model defined in the studio. It enables machine learning based setting of thresholds and n-best post-processing of recognizer results. It also includes intelligent platform support for dialog management.

Our platform includes support for continuous data-driven grammar tuning with regression testing. Our tools allow for optimizing the threshold sets for each speech interaction using  data-driven machine learning techniques.

Analytics Portal
The Analytics portal is a web-based application that provides clients access to in-depth management reports to track automation rates, call time statistics, and issues that users are calling about. This data is also available via REST APIs or web-services for import into other reporting systems.

Agent Assistant
Agent Assistant is an application that provides a quick summary of the interaction in the speech applications that is made available to call center agents real-time on call transfer using commercial CTI technology.

Studio Select
Studio Select is a web application that enables business analysts to modify the prompts in certain parts of the Speech application. Changes are made in an isolated staging environment with live preview and then moved to production, all from within this application.


Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Resolvity has built fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure that can process
millions of calls in real time.

Resolvity offers best-of-breed speech recognition engines including the Microsoft ASR and Nuance Recognizer. The performance of the recognizers is continually enhanced for accuracy and efficiency with tuning results from billions of real world caller interactions. Features supported include large grammars, statistical grammars, N-Best recognition, robust parsing, semantic interpretation, and automatic caller adaptation.

Our platform incorporates proven VoiceXML browsers from industry leaders like Cisco, Avaya and Genesys. Features supported include extensive call processing, CCXML, caching, audio streaming, utterance/full call recording, TTS, large grammar ASRs and CTI support.

Resolvity platform provides enterprises with carrier-grade telecom
inter-connectivity over SIP or traditional TDM circuits. We support most of the prominent US voice carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Global Crossing.

Resolvity’s cloud infrastructure is designed with the ISO/IEC 17799.
The platform supports data security standards established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) Association. Other key security features include SSL encrypted sessions, encrypted data stores, selective utterance and call recording, and independent security domains.

Resolvity maintains secure speech IVR capacity in multiple geographically dispersed data centers. If local or regional events impact an individual data center’s operations then calls can be automatically rerouted to alternative centers where calls will continue to be handled without interruption.


In-depth Expertise and Support

The entire platform infrastructure in backed by 24×7×365 application and
infrastructure monitoring provided by Resolvity.

At Resolvity, we sweat the details when it comes to building speech recognition applications. We know how these applications perform in real world scenarios with real users. We understand the usage patterns of different types of callers and we know how to configure these applications to make it work for them.

Each client gets a dedicated team of speech scientists and software engineers who review the performance of the applications to identify areas for improvement. They continuously evaluate and modify the speech recognition grammars and call flows to optimize caller experience and automation rates. They also help keep the application current with new business requirements.

Resolvity’s production support team is in charge of making sure that the entire cloud infrastructure is performing to service levels specified. The production support team monitors all system events and alarms. In the unlikely event of an error or outage this team will engage all required resources and implement pre-established escalation procedures to bring the application back on line.


Easy Integration

The Resolvity platform easily integrates with enterprise backend systems
like CRM, ERP, OSS/BSS using webservices or RESTful APIs which helps
deliver a personalized caller experience.

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