AlwaysOn Support

Resolvity’s support and maintenance services are based on industry best practices. The entire platform infrastructure in backed by 24Ă—7×365 system and application monitoring provided by Resolvity and its infrastructure partners. A support escalation matrix along with procedures, severity level criteria, and expected response and resolution targets are established for every application deployed on the On-Demand platform.

The Resolvity AlwaysOn Support is manned by two teams; the AlwaysOn Production Support team and the AlwaysOn Application Support team.

Production Support

The AlwaysOn Production Support team is in charge of making sure that the entire On-Demand Infrastructure is available and working as expected. The production support team monitors all system events and alarms. In the unlikely event of an error or outage this team will engage all required resources and implement pre-established escalation procedures to bring the application back on line.

Application Support

The AlwaysOn Application Support team performs ongoing application performance reviews to identify areas for improvement and tuning. This continuous improvement process ensures that the IVR application’s automation rate and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) metrics continue to improve on a monthly basis.