Resolvity has in-depth experience in making
speech recognition applications work in the real world

We sweat the details around speech recognition applications – from network connectivity to voice user interface design, building robust grammars,
and intelligent dialog management.

Our Expertise

We are a professional services partner with in-depth and broad ranging
experience in the speech IVR industry.

Resolvity has in-depth experience in building rules-based grammars and statistical grammars. These grammars have successfully automated over hundred million calls. Our applications also feature unique out-of-grammar modules that can drive low misrecognition and high rate of completion. As a result, callers are able to interact in a flexible manner and experience higher satisfaction.

Our team has experience in building speech recognition applications with better natural language understanding. We accomplish this by performing intelligent processing of the ASR results and using data models to drive better contextual awareness.

We have extensive knowledge and years of experience in designing efficient and effective VUIs that are proven to work in real world scenarios. Our VUI designers are able to leverage the flexibility of our platform in choosing the optimal VUI for each application.

Resolvity’s speech scientists use machine learning based tools to analyze the critical speech related features from a corpus of real world calls. With these tools, our scientists can optimize multiple aspects of the speech IVR, including grammars and confidence thresholds.  Machine learning also provides a much more scalable approach to automate the tuning process.

Resolvity’s systems integration engineers have expertise in the use of both SOAP-based web-services and RESTful APIs to integrate the Resolvity platform with backend enterprise systems. This helps us build applications that deliver highly personalized and contextual caller experiences. The systems integration team also has significant telecom experience. We can integrate SIP and legacy TDM networks to our cloud infrastructure. We support prominent contact center infrastructure vendors like Avaya and Cisco.

Resolvity has a strong track record of building speech applications that deliver industry leading automation rates. Our team uses tools like Resolvity Studio and knowledge models to design and test call flows and grammars.

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